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Morgan’s Water Park Slow Ahead

Front of Morgan’s Island

Ground being prepared for pavement

Construction at Morgan’s Island water park

I’ve written several posts about the progress of the construction efforts at Aruba’s biggest water park, Morgan’s Island.

The project has been severely delayed by reasons unknown to me. They have picked up the pace the last half year or so, but now, every time I drive there I almost hear crickets. Meaning, it is still under construction but on a very slooow pace.

As you can see in the pictures above, they managed to make the ground flat with sand for some sort of pavement. The most likely choice of pavement, of what seems to become the parking area, is asphalt.

The slow progress is noticeable. The project, it seems, is going through a rough patch currently. The project isn’t advancing the way one might expect and at this rate I don’t think Morgan’s Island is going to open for next busy winter season.

Obviously I wish they’d pick up the pace and put the construction efforts into a high gear in order to try and finish by this years end.

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