Mother’s Day In Aruba

Today Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries. This annual tradition is also celebrated in Aruba. Very popular with families is taking moms out to dinner, or surprising them in bed with a big breakfast. Regardless the way you, if any, celebrate Mother’s Day, show mom something a special day.

Some people talk about the commercial nature of these kinds of days and is even referred to as such but I think this day is a way to honor the person who gave you life on one specific day of the 365.

I don’t believe in the commercial aspect of it, but I surely believe in remembering what a mother means on a special day. As a child you wouldn’t recognize or even appreciate the efforts a mother put into raising you, just like me, but now as I’m married with two young children, I’m amazed to see how much work my wife does as a mother. That is priceless.

To my wife, mother and mom-readers:

Happy Mother’s Day

By Gabriel

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