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Natural Bridge Aruba

Fallen Natural Bridge

Aruba’s world famous natural bridge collapsed on September 2nd, 2005. Estimates put the collapse of the bridge early morning, around 4:00 am. This early morning nobody was physically present to witness the fall of the bridge.

It was a big shock to the people, there was no immediate reason for the bridge to collapse. According to some, back in the 90’s the bridge suffered some damage. In a natural way, the bridge cracked on one of the sides. Seemingly the bridge could handle it, because no big piece fell or any other visual damage was noticeable.

Natural Bridge Wariruri

The fact is that the Natural Bridge is no more. Have no fear, Aruba is host to many other natural bridges. There are at least 7 natural bridges around the north eastern shore.

The first picture shows the collapsed Natural Bridge from the side. The second picture shows the Baby Bridge. This is the name given popularly to a natural formation of limestone that is shaped like a bridge. This bridge can be admired at Wariruri.

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