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Natural Bridge Collapse Third Anniversary

Natural Bridge Aruba
Collapsed Natural Bridge

Just on a day like today, three years ago, Aruba lost its world famous Natural Bridge. This natural formation of rock was created by the force of water, pounding on the rocks for centuries, creating a small hole. It was just a question of time before the rocks start succumbing to the massive force of the ocean. The hole became bigger and bigger, throughout the centuries. So much so, that a bridge was born.

After standing for over 2000 years, finally on September 2nd, 2005, the massive structure collapsed. The collapse happened early Friday morning without any warning. It was a big shock for locals and visitors alike. No one could have anticipated this occurrence.

Soon after the bridge collapsed the rumor-mill started. Far fetched rumors such as a military strike or sabotage started to go around. Other, more sensible, rumors about earthquakes and damage by Hurricane Ivan – which passed a year earlier as close as 80 miles north of Aruba – went around. At the end, no evidence was found to substantiation any of the claims. Though, in the 90s a large crack appeared in the bridge, but it wasn’t deemed as being a major threat. A decade later it finally happened. Experts maintain that erosion, wear, tear and gravity finally put an end to the Natural Bridge.

Even though the big bridge collapsed, the site still features another one. There is a smaller bridge on the side one can admire. It’s not the same, by far, but it still gives the place a special touch. Throughout the rest of the island there are several other Natural Bridges to be admired, with the one near Baby Beach being the most beautiful and spectacular one.

Natural Bridge
Another Natural Bridge

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