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Natural Pool Smaller Than You Think, Some Tips

Natural Pool Small

Natural Pool shot from above

Aruba’s Natural Pool is a popular swimming and snorkeling spot for many, meanwhile for others it is dismissed by comments like “overrated”, “thought it was bigger” or “that’s it?”.

For some reason there are myths surrounding Natural Pool. Is it the name that makes people’s imagination run wild? Perhaps some visitors over-hyped it? Or maybe tour operators exaggerate in their promotional material? I think the latter is the culprit.

As a matter of fact old locals refer to Natural Pool as “cura di turtuga”, which translates to: “turtles yard”. Later locals gave Natural Pool a more popular (local) name: “conchi”, which translates to: “bowl”.

Let me bottom-line it for you: Natural Pool is an awesome place to visit, be well prepared though. Following I’ll share some tips and suggestions:

  1. You must like off the trail off road (roller coaster) rides.
  2. Perhaps the ride is the attraction, before Natural Pool.
  3. Good (comfortable) shoes (sport shoes/boots) and a top rated full face snorkel mask is needed and please don’t use flip flops (slippers).
  4. Once you reach the Natural Pool parking area, there are 80+ uneven steps down and up(!) waiting for you.
  5. Down by Natural Pool, when entering/exiting the water, it is extremely slippery.
  6. Natural Pool is located on the wavy side of the island and 9 out of 10 times swimming is possible, let’s not hope the day you decide to visit the pool it is off limits.
  7. There are no locker rooms on site, wear your bathing suit underneath your regular clothing.
  8. Bring plenty of water.
  9. Bring plenty of sun protection.
  10. Bring a towel.

If none of the above is a hurdle to you, by all means, go ahead and visit Natural Pool. It is a mighty nice place. The water is nice and particularly salty, on a good day you might see some nice fish.

By Gabriel

Informing travelers about Aruba since 2007, and trying to provide value to Aruba visitors.

5 replies on “Natural Pool Smaller Than You Think, Some Tips”

Don’t forget the small private ‘hot tub’ on the upper part of the pool.

And some cool ways to do some cliff diving!

Are there any park rangers there?

hi, this is the 3rd time i’m coming to aruba, this time i’m bringing the whole family. I would like to take the tour to the natural pool can you please let me know who would you recommend. I would really appreciate it. BOBBY

Bobby thank you for visiting the island with your group. In Aruba there are three touring options: De Palm (biggest full service tour operator), ABC (most popular safari according to and freelancers. I suggest you access the forums and comment boards to make an educated decision before booking any company. Sorry that I can’t be more of an assistance. Thank you for commenting.

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