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New: AirTran Coming to Aruba

Airtran Boeing 737-800
AirTran’s coming to Aruba [image by]

A couple of years ago low fare airline JetBlue Airways appeared onto the scene with flights from New York City, going head-to-head against American Airlines. JetBlue is the only low fare airline from the US – American Airlines has become more competitive with better fares between Aruba and New York City – to have flights to Aruba. Until now. Today AirTran Airways submitted papers to the Department of Transportation with the petition to start scheduled flights to Aruba.

The routes AirTran plans to start are Orlando – Aruba – Orlando and Atlanta – Aruba – Atlanta. US Department of Transportation and Aruba Department of Tourism and Transport needs to give the green light. I don’t expect any objections from neither department. Especially in Aruba officials welcome such information.

Flights from Orlando International Airport to Aruba are brand new. Currently there is no airlines servicing this route. If I’m not mistaken Air Aruba has covered this route back in the 90s. Not only is this route handy for tourists, locals might appreciate this option, especially in the summer to go on vacation to one of Orlando’s many theme parks. Furthermore – depending on the frequency – this flight might help Aruba airport become a mini-hub for regional travelers wanting to go to Orlando.

On the other side, flights from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport aren’t new. In fact Delta Airlines covers this route with multiple weekly flights. This is going to be a very interesting one. AirTran is going head-to-head with Delta. This rivalry will surely benefit travelers from California, Texas and Georgia wanting to travel to Aruba. Delta isn’t going to take this laying down, you can count on that. Recently Delta Airlines announced increase in flights to Aruba. To be continued.

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