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New: Aruba Coastline Villas

LG Smith Boulevard 456 Villas
LG Smith Boulevard 456 Villas

Recently European developers presented Aruba Coastline Villas. It entails three luxury villa projects around prime locations in Aruba: Malmok, Eagle Beach and Savaneta. Sales agent is the local Remax.

In Malmok “LG Smith Boulevard 456 Villas” is going to be developed. At Malmok two units are available for sale, starting at almost $1.7 million pre-construction and almost $1.8 million finished. The size of the villa is 310 sq. meter (3410 sq. feet).

In Savaneta the developers purchased former Brisas del Mar Restaurant and are going to build “Brisas del Mar Villas”. This project consists of 3 units starting at almost $1.3 million pre-construction and almost $1.5 million finished. The size of a villa is 343 sq. meter (3773 sq. feet).

At Eagle Beach the proposal is to build 16 luxury condos. They purchased defunct Le Dome Restaurant at Eagle Beach and named the project “Vie le Dome”. Pricing and unit sizes are to be announced.

This an interesting project, it’s the only one of its kind in Aruba. Obviously I’m pleased with the scale of it – small. The three properties they bought to develop these villas were all privately owned. In fact they might have done the island a favor by buying those properties which were virtually abandoned.

The developer came out big with the announcement. They issued statements and installed the typical billboards in front of the properties. There were two minor issues though. As Aruba is a fairly political island and we are in the midst of election season (September 25 general elections), somehow this announcement was made political by some critics.

Another issue appears to be the expected restrictive access to the beach at Brisas del Mar in Savaneta. Always a reminder that all Aruba beaches are public. Locals are sensitive about any project which might take away a piece of beach from public use.

Afraid for a PR fiasco the developer decided to come out to the press and refute all the claims. All permits were approved by proper authorities and they seem to have broad support from most island representatives as well. In terms of the access to the beach the developers said to have a clear understanding with the department of infrastructure that there won’t be any obstruction.

I think that these apartments are obviously intended for foreigners with deep pockets. Not only the price point is way high, also the setting. Foreigners like the condo convenience, ocean view, pool and quietness. Contrary, locals like to live at residences with plenty of yard space, amid grocery stores, public services and near main roads.

By Gabriel

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Hmm, how can they take the lot at Malmok, which is leased land, and split it up in 2 lots. I am pretty sure that is not allowed ever?????
P.S. What happed to all your great blogs? Are you on holiday 😉

Hi there CB, thank you for your comment. Off the bat I need to correct a few assumptions about this property. The restrictions on the leased land is valid when the land is empty and has been given out after the year 2002. After this date new more restrictive rules apply for open long lease land. This is to prevent dirty business with “cheap” sovereign land.

When a long lease land already has something built on it, the sale of the property and land is allowed without restrictions. If you look at above picture you’ll see that there is something built. A long lease land is allowed to be split up, especially if the land is already being used. In this case you need to ask for permission at the Department of Infrastructure and Planning. After approval and payment of the expenses the department will proceed with the measurement of the land in question and also take care of updating the public registers.

By the way I don’t think that this land is a long lease land but rather private property land. Then again I’m not sure.

Thank you for your concern about this website. I’m not going anywhere. In fact I’ve been working very hard behind the scenes for new things. I’m posting a new article soon to explain.

>Thanks for the quick answer.
It is Leased land, and I am not sure about the approval for a split of leased land is so simple, but I sure hope so for the investor. (I was not questioning the sale of the land, only the split).
P.S. I am very glad to hear that you are still on full speed, even though somewhat stealth ;-).

CB, to get an definitive answer I’ll call DIP and find out on what kind of land it is (it’s public record) and ask about the procedure to split long lease lands.

Gabriel, it was only from general interest in Aruba that I asked.
I think that the Malmok and especially the Savaneta projects are unrealistically priced in the current market, but I personally hope that some of these projects will become a success for the developer. More luxury to Aruba !! is my motto ;-).
Even though these kinds of project are only for the fortunate few, it will give the masses a more luxurious experience of Aruba, which will make their experience a little more glamorous. (sounds wrong but hope you get the meaning).

I think your input is valuable as you certainly bring a different point of view to the table. I’m very appreciative for that and I like our exchanges.

To get to the point, I’m more of a person who looks at the bigger picture and think about the direction this islands needs to be headed. I believe that the dynamics of Aruba real estate is different than most countries, especially the US. There is much less speculation in the real estate market and banks are pretty stringent when it comes to giving mortgage loans. Having said that, Aruba real estate market has evolved the last few years and in my opinion some speculation has entered the market indeed, especially caused by foreign interests. At the end I do think that there is room in the local market for properties priced above 1M. Not only that, there might be some demand for those units by wealthy locals. At the end of the day, those high-end properties are very scarce in Aruba.

In terms of tourism I feel this island has reached its capacity – a.k.a. carrying capacity – and we certainly need to move forward and exit the strategy to become a mass tourism destination. Maybe we need to become more glamorous as you put it, who knows. Heck, I’m fancying-up this blog as well. Stay tuned for that, it’s almost finished.

Thank you for your comment. I’m not going to close the website. I’m not going anywhere. In fact, I’m working hard behind the scenes on many projects, including this website. I would like to invite you to come to see what I’ve been up to. Thanks again. By the way, despite the fact that I haven written in a while, I am answering all the comments on this website.

Man, you gotta get back in the saddle. Many things happening in the real estate arena that you should comment on.
Not all good news but interesting all the same.
We miss you 😉

Hi, could you find out if the Aruba Millennium has a new owner? It was suppose to be sold in March we were wondering if anything new is going on there. You’re very informative and I enjoy your articles.

As far I as know the property was being sold for $2.2 million. I haven’t received any information about it being sold. What I did see is that they were prepping for sale by painting the exterior completely with base color (white). I’m going to look it up. Thanks for you comments.

Do you have any updated information on the Acqua condo. project. Construction seems to be going forward. Delivery is being promised sometime june ’11.

Just yesterday someone else asked me this and I wrote: “Acqua has found the good path going forward and construction is going on now without problems, for some months now. They seemed to have solved the financial issues of the past and other issues. They have reached the highest point of the first towers and celebrated that with a PR gathering. They developers also gave an interview in a local paper which was a first and declared that things moving ahead “normally” and people should expect to see progress.”

I don’t think they will finish anything this year. Thank you for stopping by Jay.

Do you know why they stopped the sale and the construction on the 3 waterfront villas in Savaneta and they took out the contact number off the sign? I can send you photos of the property if you can send me your e mail address.

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