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Beachfront Condo in Aruba: Coral Pyramid

Beachfront Coral Pyramid August 2008
Beachfront Coral Pyramid Aruba construction August 2008

Update January 2015: Construction has concluded years ago. Reportedly the whole building is owned by one individual. Nearby, the same developers, started with another high-end apartment building construction.

For the last few months a ‘mysterious’ construction was ongoing near down town. Normally these projects present themselves with a front board outlining all details. This one however, didn’t put any details, until today. As time went by storey after storey kept on coming. It became bigger and higher.

Finally, I’ve learned what is going to be built there. Town condos are being developed by the island powerhouse of Meta Corp. This company has a lot of business interest in several sectors of this island. With the speed this construction is being developed it can only mean one thing: parties with deep pockets are behind it.

Coral Pyramid is the name of this project. It certainly has a contemporary look the way it is being developed. Especially the way a higher floor sticks out more than the lower. It certainly looks different from anything we’ve seen so far. No other building in the area is anything like that, therefore it really stands out. Does it look “islandy”? Too hard to tell. My first reaction is no. Expect prices to start on the higher end of the market.

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