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New in Palm Beach: Burger King

I write mostly about what’s happening in broad area of Palm Beach, specifically about the beach and real estate. The latest news in Palm Beach has a little bit to do with real estate. And restaurants. There is a new gastronomy member in Palm Beach: Burger King.

I’m sure this news makes some people – the purists mostly – shiver. Not necessarily because of the food – admit it, who amongst us hasn’t eaten a whopper in their lives – but mostly because of the perception by some that another piece of Aruba has lost its authenticity. Another American brand, as they say. I think most of Palm Beach has lost its authenticity anyway. And not now, since 1959. It was then, when the first high rise – Aruba Caribbean Hotel – opened its doors.

New Burger King Palm Beach
Burger King Palm Beach, across from Occidental Resort

This particular branch of Burger King is not new. It relocated from Oroubo Plaza (shopping and restaurant area at the main bus station in town) to Palm Beach. Apparently the rent at Oroubo Plaza was steep and the foot traffic poor. Competing rivals McDonald’s and Wendy’s are a big block or two away, meaning now that Burger King has taken a huge advantage over the two, therefore will take tourist market-share from it rivals. Local customers will remain steady at McDonald’s and Wendy’s due to the drive thru window, which Burger King lacks.

New Burger King Palm Beach
New: Burger King Palm Beach

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