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New Pictures: Morgan’s Island Water Park Aruba Update

Morgan's Island Water Park
Closer view of Morgan’s Island Water Park

The construction of Aruba’s biggest water park, Morgan’s Island, seems to have taken a turn for the better. The construction has been put into the next gear as a lot of activity is seen there as of late. The big slides are now attached and landscaping is being taken care of.

The central section seems dedicated to kids, while the part in the back with the huge slides are intended for adults. Those things are wicked. I noticed last week that they put some sort of a fence on the east side of the construction. I’m not sure on the reason. I still managed to take a couple of close shots though. After the jump more pictures.

There is still work to be done, but the finish line is visible now for the developers. After several years, finally this project plagued with setbacks might be reaching its final stages. Let’s hope it passes inspection, where after it could be ready to open for this coming winter season. Winter in the North America that is.

Morgan's Island Water Park
Big slides at Morgan’s Island

Morgan's Island Water Park
Central section at Morgan’s Island still under construction

Morgan's Island Water Park
Landscaping going on at Morgan’s Island

Morgan's Island Water Park
East side of Morgan’s

Morgan's Island Water Park
Inside the Morgan’s Island

Morgan's Island Water Park
Palapas at Morgan’s Island

By Gabriel

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15 replies on “New Pictures: Morgan’s Island Water Park Aruba Update”

Do you think this will be ready by Thanksgiving, I am coming down with 17 of us and would love to take the kids there.
Thanks for the update!! Awesome!!!!

Thank you for visiting this website, Susan. Whether or not they will make is hard for me to answer. I personally think that by Thanksgiving they should be practically open, however, I remain a bit conservative, especially if we keep in the mind the struggles they have had in the past.

Lately they seem to have speed things up. There is a big new section that was just installed two days ago in the park. I’ll take a picture of it next week and make another post of it.

Any updates? Coming out middle of October, are they talking opening date yet??

That white slide looks reallllllly scary. It goes STRAIGHT down after coming out the tunnels?? If so, I will need to see a few people survive this before trying!!! ;0 Boy you will be in trouble if you do not cross your legs and the tunnel may mess that up. How far away are the restrooms!!!

Can not wait, looks great!!! Thank You for the updates!!!

Lisa, I still haven’t heard or read anything about an opening date. It is known that this project encountered massive delays and the opening has been pushed back several times.

Now it seems that the construction is nearing its final stages. I personally believe they are going to open one phase of the park first – the one near the entrance – and continue with the other part where you see the taller slides.

I walked there today and noticed that very little needs to be done for them to open. It seems that they need to finish some details and pave the parking.

There are some wicked slides in this water park. Thanks for your input, Lisa.

I was wondering if you had any new pictures and updates of the water park. Have you heard if they have a opening date set yet?
Thanks for any updates,

Hi there Heather, the construction at the water park is still ongoing and the progress is minor in comparison to the pictures in above post. I drive by the water park almost everyday and when I see a big difference I will post some new pictures.

As to when it will open is still not clear, at least not by me. The way it currently is going it seems as if it will open before the end of this year. At least a part of it will open.

Make sure you return to this site and i’ll keep you posted.

I have been to Aruba 5 times now and going for the sixth and I think the water park would be good. There is already one at De Palm Island, but this one looks better.

Thanks for your input Amber. I would give Morgan’s the edge in terms of the water park. De Palm Island is nice as well, but in my opinion falls into a totally different category.

hy gabriel.I heard that morgan’s re-opened,I want to know,because I will be there in okt and my son is crazy about Morgan’s,I wish you could give me any info thanks,

This is the best that i have seen even thats it is on your web.I am looking forward to come and relax there.I have showen all my kids.We are planning to spent family time with my kids and grandkids.If i lived in bela bela i would be there every weekend.Regards. Judith Johnston

Gabriel the water park is in shambles as it was almost 3 years ago when I was here May 2013. Why has it not been torn down? It is an eye sore on the Island and an accident ready to happen. I would think that by the looks it has been abandoned for quite some time now that the government would rid of this to make the area look nicer especially with the new road that has been recently added. I would not want to be a guest at The Oceania on the back side and have to look at that mess while on vacation. Concerned vacationer.

Hi Lynn, indeed as you point out it has been an eyesore for so long, which has been extensively written about on this website. Having a said that, from what I understand that piece of land is officially a long lease land which is owned by the government but given on lease to the owners. In Aruba, however, due to the lack of an expropiation law the government is limited on what they can do. Private property (in this case the building itself) is guaranteed even if it means that the public needs to “suffer” through that eyesore, which coincidently is located on the main road from the airport to the major hotels.

The minister in charged with infrastructure hatched a plan a while back and claimed that they would not be renovating the right of lease of that piece of land, which is extremely rare. This means that this piece of land will be returning back to public domain. It also means that the investors lost their money, as they cannot find a seller anymore. As to when the lease of the land will expire is not known to me at this point. For now, we will have the wait for the expiration of the lease of the land before we see any changes.

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