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New: Trupiaal Residences

Trupiaal Residences Aruba [image by Trupiaal Residences]

One of the most covered topics on this site are the several condo projects that have risen that last few years. Another sector that seems to be picking speed now is master-planned communities. Gold Coast Aruba and Kasa Alba are two examples. Now Trupiaal Residences is presenting itself.

Trupiaal Residences (‘trupiaal’ is the local name for the bird oriole) is a project that is being realized on a principal road, only 5 minutes to Eagle Beach. This gated project features three pillars: 195 villas, 64 apartments and 70,000 sq. feet of commercial land. As other projects, Trupiaal Residences has a very clear and graphic presentation on its website.

At this point the project is in a very early phase. They are removing cacti and other trees currently. This project seems to be a very solid one, as serious companies are behind it. However, because of its massiveness, they are removing an exceptional amount of nature, and in my opinion, it’s a shame it’s gated. That always seems a waste of money and capacity in my opinion.

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