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No Swimming At Natural Pool

In a previous post I’ve laid out a very extensive report about Natural Pool and the size of it and why it might happen that people won’t be able to get into the pool.

These last two days Natural Pool has been not “swimable”. The last few days the winds have been stronger than normal, consequently the currents are stronger too. This automatically leads to a Natural Pool that’s being hit, very forcefully, by good sized waves.

Unfortunately people are not able to swim inside the Natural Pool. On the other side, this creates an awesome sight, with a spectacular wave-show and an exclusive photo-op.

Can you know beforehand if the Natural Pool is going to be calm enough to swim in?
Simple answer: no.

You don’t know until you get there. It has happen that in the morning the waves are huge, meanwhile in the afternoon it calms down and vice versa. My personal experience is that of the 10 times I visit Natural Pool, 9 times it is calm enough to swim in.

Mother nature is unpredictable so always watch or “study” the Natural Pool calmly before you go in and look for those big waves coming in and see if you could handle that one big wave coming in. Ask a tour guide you see sitting there and try to follow his recommendation. It’s your own risk though. If you see me there, ask me.

Good alternatives for the Natural Pool, specially for snorkeling, are in my opinion Baby Beach and Malmok Beach.

By Gabriel

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