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Ocean 105 At Malmok

Ocean 105 @ Malmok
Inauguration of Ocean 105 [image by Ocean 105]

A small renewed property located at Malmok opened its doors last week. Named “Ocean 105”, it consists out of 1 main residence and 4 apartments. The location of Ocean 105 is superb, between Arashi Beach and Malmok Beach, just beside Boca Catalina. This area is known for good snorkeling.

Let’s take a look at some background information on this property, that’s why you visit this site I assume.

The name “Ocean 105” comes from the location (ocean) and the street number (105). In Aruba we call the water that surrounds us “sea” and not “ocean”, this indicates that the owner is from the US. Plus on the website it states: “Ocean 105 consists of a traditional Main Residence, and four brand new Apartments, and is made available for your exclusive use when the owner is not in residence.”

One thing that strikes me as strange is the fact that they suggest that the owner is going to use this property personally and when he is not in Aruba he’s renting it out. This might be true, however it seems that from the beginning the idea behind this property wasn’t for personal purposes rather for commercial ones.

I guess that’s the reason why the front neighbor, also an American, wasn’t to pleased when he learned that the property was going to be used commercially and above all become a two-storey building instead of the original one-storey house. This is not good for his view nor the future value of his property. The front neighbor made a pretty public appeal in local media directed to officials to stop the construction. It didn’t work because the owner of Ocean 105 had all the necessary permits and finished it without any problems.

I’ve seen this property from the inside back in the 90’s and it was nice but it badly needed some love. I also remember that this property was on the market for a considerable time.

Right now I must admit that it looks awfully nice and if you’re interested they hired a local property management company that handles the rent.

I’m a fan of nice properties that are outside of the main resort areas, not mainstream. Yet this one is still close enough for you to enjoy all the perks this island has to offer, like swimming, snorkeling, golf, tennis, restaurants etc.

By Gabriel

Informing travelers about Aruba since 2007, and trying to provide value to Aruba visitors.

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I am one of the owners and property manager of Ocean 105. Nice writeup, thanks. I was googling my property and came across your site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. By the way we are a local Aruban family which has owned this property since 1973. We built the house as well as the additional apartments.

Hi Lynn, I appreciate the correction in the information. Indeed I like the small properties that offer great value to visitors, especially when they aren’t regular resorts.

I drive by the ‘105’ frequently and I always turn my head to see any movement. Keep up the good work.

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