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Oceania Condo Construction Update

Oceania Condo
Oceania Condo

Construction of Oceania Condo continues to progress in a good pace forward. Current construction consists out of three additional phases which are expected to open to the public next year as scheduled.

Oceania Condo is some sort of an icon in condo development here in Aruba as the construction of the first two phases (above picture) seemingly happened without a glitch. Furthermore, it’s location at Eagle Beach is convenient, being steps away from the beach and nearby all important facilities such as major grocery stores.

The initial pricing at $350,000 per a unit appears to be right, judging by the quality of the condo and its location. From the data I manage Oceania is almost sold out, therefore I don’t think they are going to lower any prices. However, I’m sure there are people who want to sell their unit and this market isn’t the best for selling right now. On the flip side, if you are a buyer, I’m sure you will find deals.

By Gabriel

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We just rented a condo at the Oceania for the week of Jan 25th 09. Are they done with F2 and is there noise from F3 and 4 if that has started. I have heard some locals are not happy with sharing the beach across the street and are tearing the roofs of of some of the palapas. Have you seen this? We love your site! Its much better to get this info from someone who is local and seems to really love Aruba. Thank you.

I would like to thank you for the comment and compliment. Thank you for visiting this website as well.

The construction at Oceania is in advanced stages. However, it still needs months of construction to be finalized. I think the biggest noise maker might be the drilling for piping. All in all I don’t think the noise will be a major factor.

About the palapas, it’s not necessarily the way you’ve heard or read.

Firstly, the beaches are public, meaning they are accessible to all, free of charge or obstruction by any individual. Locals have no problem with sharing of the beaches.

Secondly, palapas are without roofs due to the fact that the palapas where in the midst of construction when local department of public works asked Oceania to stop building them, because allegedly Oceania was lacking the necessary permits. Oceania claims to have permits.

Thirdly, there was a storm last October in Aruba and it didn’t do these palapas any favor, as several of them were damaged the storm.

I’ve written on two occasions about this topic, perhaps it might interest you in reading them: and

We are at the Oceania now and there is a very minimal construction noise did not disrupt our vacation… Oceania is very nice!!! Eagle beach is great. There are several palapas on the beach….

Hi Gabriel, I found this post right after the one i just left. Sorry if a repeated myself. We just got back from our week at the Oceania. All you comments on this property were spot on. Now that we are home we really want to watch and see how things go at the Oceania. Do you have any info on the site next door. The big crane is up but no work being done. Is the sands building there? Also we love sharing the beach with the locals. Its one of the reasons we are now staying in Eagle Beach and enjoy Arashi. I did not want you to think my above comment about the Palapas was a knock on them, It was just something i read.

I was a bit confused with about the messages you left. Your other comment was posted on a post written in 2007 and obviously out of context as there were no issues with the economy back then.

For now I’m sure developers are feeling the slow down as the vast majority of the buyers of condos are foreigners. Most of these companies just have to continue building their projects and be ready for when buyers return.

I really think now is the time to purchase property as lots of developers want to move units therefore lowering prices.

The project just south of Oceania (The Sands) has been abandoned for quite some time. I’m not sure what’s going to happen there.

Thank you for the comments.

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