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Oceania Residences Update

The last time I wrote about Oceania Condo was somewhere in November of 2007. The construction efforts at Oceania’s phase 3 and beyond are progressing steadily. Not in a pace that one might expect from a large developer in North America or Europe, but coming along nonetheless.

Oceania Condo, Completed Phase

The last photograph I took of Oceania Residences was also a few months ago. I took that photograph while I was at Eagle Beach. One can notice that the construction was in the early stages that you could see through to the other side. Now, on the other hand, things have progressed nicely. Currently they are taking care of the electrical and plumbing. The walls are supposed to come within the next few weeks.

If I engage into the game of predicting, I guess this project is going to be finished in early 2009. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, visit Oceania Residences to see and read the latest.

Oceania Condo, Completed Phase

Oceania Condo, Construction Progress

Oceania Condo, Construction Progress

Oceania Condo, Construction Progress

Oceania Condo, Construction Progress

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4 replies on “Oceania Residences Update”


Thanks so much for the update…
So it looks like first of 2009 for completion?
Very Nice pictures.
Please keep us posted.

Any update on the Oceania Residences? New Pictures? Its been 2.5 months I bet they have a lot done….

Also what about the water park behind the Oceania?


Hi there hdaruba, I haven’t posted any recent updates on Oceania’s next phases due to the fact that from the outside the progress isn’t visible that well, especially in comparison to above photographs.

Tubing, plumbing and electrical are being installed currently. I will post a picture soon. Every day I drive by the project, so I keep an eye on it. Not every day I carry a camera however.

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