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Ramifications Aruba Tourism Growing, Airlines Returning

As of writing, there is still no end in sight for COVID-19. There is no perspective on reopening tourism and resuming tourism jobs. The devastation continues to reap havoc among the local population.

The Aruba Minister of Economy declared that 80% of Aruba’s economy has been wiped away. Nearly three-fifths of the tax revenue collapsed and nearly 70% is unemployed.

Even though bookings have started to trickle in, it won’t do much for the labor force right now. Hotels meanwhile, keep a minimal staff on hand for security, maintenance, and other construction work.

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Why Airlines Are Eager To Come Back To Aruba

Everywhere there is news now about reopening. One country after another is announcing its reopening and is ready to get back to business. In the US there is talk of reopening. Meanwhile, Europe is announcing its intention to reopen all borders within the EU in June.

On the other hand, many hotel industry giants such as Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt are creating protocols to tackle the new reality. There will be widely different approaches between each hotel chain. The “correct” approach will manifest itself within the next few weeks.

Airlines are also eying restarting operations sooner rather than later. The industry has launched many ideas as to how to move forward. The key is to ensure the safety and health of its staff and passengers.

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Aruba Announcing The Reopening Of Its Borders For Tourists

On Friday, May 8th, 2020, Aruba leadership announced the opening of its borders for visitors. The so-called soft opening should commence somewhere between the second week of June to the beginning of July 2020.

After having announced a significant drop in active COVID-19 cases in Aruba, they announced the tentatively reopening of the borders for inbound travel.

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Tourists Currently Still In Aruba

Aruba is slowly becoming free of Coronavirus. As of today, there are only a handful of confirmed cases left. The expectation is that by next week Aruba should have no active cases anymore.

Insular territories are much easier to contain the virus in comparison to large cities and countries. We are seeing similar circumstances at our neighboring islands, where the virus seems eradicated, too.

Life in Aruba will resume to “normal” state soon. That is as normal as it can be without our visitors. Most normalcy it will get is living without restrictions again.

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Future Plans For Aruba Acqua Condominium May Surprise You

As per a reader’s request, I’m today looking at what’s going on at Aruba Acqua Condominium. This one of a kind development is going through quite a journey which I will explain in this post. Let’s learn what the future plans are for Aruba Acqua Condominium.

Historical Context

The big tourism boom in Aruba started in the late 80s and early 90s. Several new hotels and expansion occurred in this era.

There were two particular troublesome developments that were abandoned. Eventually, they were purchased by Marriott and Divi Hotels and finished into their respective brand hotels.


Keeping It Positive Despite Devastation

It is now over a month since Aruba fell in the grip of the complete shutdown caused by novel worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Governments are struggling to find answers to this unprecedented situation.

To make matters worse the situation is fluid and officials seem to make it up as they go or copy best practices from other countries. COVID-19 doesn’t come with a manual, laments Aruba Prime Minister recently.

For scientific information, Aruba relies on data provided by the WHO, PAHO, and RIVM in the Netherlands. The local health department and a special Prime Minister’s team is in charge of the local response.

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Marriott’s Aruba Hotels Future Plans

As per a reader’s request, I’m looking today at Marriott’s Aruba hotels and resorts. I’m also sharing a few shots I took from the outside of the properties.

COVID-19 has all of Marriott’s Aruba hotels and resorts effectively closed. Due to the inbound flight restrictions, Marriott is not receiving guests. Officially Marriott is open for business, but more about that later.

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