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Palapa Saga Continues

Palapas at Eagle Beach
New Palapas at Eagle Beach

In June I wrote about how palapas are under fire at several locations at Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. The issue back then was the uncontrolled ‘planting’ of new ‘grass huts’ – also known as palapas – on Aruba’s most important beaches. For the ones who don’t know all Aruba beaches are public, therefore to put any structure on a beach there’s need for a permit.

The latest conflict is currently ongoing at Eagle Beach. Newly opened condo Oceania Residences at Eagle Beach is ‘planting’ fresh palapas. According to Oceania they are in the possession of a permit, but officials claim otherwise. Oceania continues to put the palapas, meanwhile officials announced they are removing them.

Palapas? Who cares, right? There’s another issue here, namely building without permits. Image someone random decides to build some kind of an ugly/dangerous wooden structure for personal use right next to the palapas. I don’t think that’s the direction the beaches need to take. Apparently there are also issues going on at Palm Beach. One thing’s for sure, they do look nice and make great photographs.

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2 replies on “Palapa Saga Continues”

I own in the Jardiens Del Mar. I go to eagle beach, the rental chair person chairs his chairs to the Tiki huts. I move them and put my chair under it. He states I can’t do that. That it belongs to the Amsterdam hotel further down the beach. He also puts towels on the chairs to give the impression somebody is using that hut and towels. But it is all fake just to he and the hotel can make money on the tourists and Arubians.

Hi Dennis, sadly what happened to you isn’t the exception but rather happens almost daily. Fact remains, vast majority of hotels nor vendors own the land where the huts are “build” upon, therefor who paid for material and labor to build those huts is irrelevant. It belongs to the public, thus free of charge for islanders and visitors alike. First come first serve.

The other day I took some time and went on to the boardwalk beach side and saw several hotel with signs and put “rules” on how to use the huts, which is completely illegal. Ironically I believe even the signage is illegally placed on the beach, but that I cannot confirm.

Thank you for your comment Dennis.

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