Palapa’s Under Fire

Palapas at Eagle Beach
Freshly planted palapas at Eagle Beach

Growing up in Aruba I remember when I was a little boy the time when we visited the beaches, the first resort in the row at Palm Beach was Concorde (Westin now) and the last one was Holiday Inn. By the low rise area there were only the Divi Resorts properties. This meant long stretched clean sugar white sandy beaches. The one thing that caught the attention back then was how undisturbed the beaches were. Especially with palapas or better yet, the lack of palapas.

The growth of resort properties in Aruba brought more movements at the beaches. More and more people spend hours at the beaches, consequently demand for some shade against the ferocious sun became imminent. These palapas actually brought some character to the beaches and gave it a special Caribbean feel to the whole picture. They were welcome and officials allowed resorts to plant some palapas on the beaches for their visitors.

In the present however, it seems to have gotten out of hand. As more resorts, timeshares, apartments and condos are coming more and more palapas are being planted. Now (a little late) officials are trying to put a stop to all the planting of so many palapas. Some criticism goes especially out to resorts that plant these palapas and use cement at the base to make them sturdy. How about giving out beach umbrellas? I know, it’s more work, but it does the job just as well.

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