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Paseo Herencia: Swimming, Shopping and Zissles

I can’t remember the last time I saw a mall offering – what I thought was a fountain – their pool for shoppers to use. Paseo Herencia is doing just that. It’s different, I’ve got to give them that. If you look at below picture you can see a couple of tourists swimming in the pool. The idea to invest in an inground pool is always worthwhile.

Paseo Herencia is a shopping mall located in Palm Beach, across from the Holiday Inn and other high rise hotels. It offers a wide range of shops including clothing, shoes, cosmetics, movie theater and restaurants among others.

Paseo Herencia Pool
Tourists swimming in Paseo Herencia pool with Mr Jazz logo upper left area

Something that certainly caught the attention there was the change in ownership of Mr Jazz Restaurant. In its short history Mr Jazz managed to attract a lot of people. It’s certainly was a nice establishment, but its demise came after internal troubles and in my opinion the ridiculously high prices for drinks. I know, most bars in Aruba offer drinks that are massively overpriced but Mr Jazz was king. Now it’s been acquired by the same (Dutch) owner as Bugaloe Beach Bar and Grill at Palm Beach. On July 30th, 2010 its going to be renamed Zissles. It’s a different concept, certainly unique to the island. It’s a wine and dine musical named D’Licious, modeled after Moulin Rouge shows. I wish Ingrid and her crew all the best.

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