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Pictures: Divi Phoenix’s Beach

Divi Phoenix beach
Divi Phoenix Palm Beach

Last week it was brought to my attention about the condition of a piece of Palm Beach (Thanks, Kevin). At Divi Phoenix to be exact. Some people have complained about seaweed that’s supposed to be laying around there.

What I’ve noticed is the typical beach-altered-by-human problems. First of all the water wasn’t clear, although that probably had to do with the change in currents in the last 10 days or so. The same change in currents brought a massive amount of seaweed with it. Since, the Phoenix crew appeared to have been trying to clean it up.

You know what I’ve noticed? Where ever beaches are altered, even slightly, it almost never regains its natural consistency as a natural beach. This despite the fact that they use all natural materials. Divi Phoenix’ luck is that a good piece of beach is just a few steps away. Problems with altered beaches are notoriously present around Hadicurari (Marriott’s beach), Renaissance Ocean Suites and now Divi Phoenix.

Palm Beach by Divi Phoenix
A rock pier by Divi Phoenix

Palm Beach by Divi Phoenix
Water not clear

Beach Clean-up
Beach clean-up at Divi Phoenix

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