Pictures: Eagle Beach Maintenaince

Eagle Beach Maintenance
Eagle Beach new restrictions for vehicles

Currently three beaches are being completely revamped: Arashi, Mangel Halto and Baby Beach. Actually to be exact the surrounding areas of the mentioned beaches are being taking care off. New palapas, garbage bins and parking are a few things they are fixing. I’ve also seen some cosmetic fixing of the beaches, especially where they’ve been hit hard by the elements, such as storms.

The photographs featured in this post show a bulldozer fixing the outer edges of Eagle Beach. That area was in bad shape, especially because cars parked there a lot. Now with the new natural block barricades no more vehicles will be allowed there.

Aruba is getting much stricter with limiting access to motorized vehicles on the beaches. As opposed to some other destinations it’s prohibited to drive on any beach in Aruba. This island lacks natural resources, logically it tries to protect the principal attractions it has to offer: the beaches.

Eagle Beach Maintenance
New blocks to keep vehicles off the beach

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