Pictures: New Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto
Mangel Halto

With help of special funds from the European Union, local officials have started a project to revitalize three beaches, which are: Arashi Beach, Baby Beach and Mangel Halto. Arashi Beach and Baby Beach are much more popular than Mangel Halto.

The work included beautification of the beaches and the adding of restrictive measures against driving on the beaches. They’ve succeeded with both. The metamorphosis is completed.

From the three beaches I think Arashi Beach came out the nicest, followed by Baby Beach and lastly Mangel Halto. The latter is popular with snorkelers, especially those seeking underwater life by the mangroves. It’s nice and shallow, and the water is very calm. On a critical note, although I’m pleased with the job well done at Mangel Halto, I’m missing rubbish bins, consequently I’m seeing too many empty bottles lying around for my taste. If they clean it up and put the bins, it would be perfect.

Mangel Halto
The mangroves at Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto
Another view at the mangroves of Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto
Palapas and a mini-bridge at Mangel Halto beach

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