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Pictures: Tour of Oceania Condo

Oceania Pool Area
Freshly planted palm trees

This post is a follow-up on last week’s one, where we recently toured the ongoing construction efforts at Oceania Condo. The next phases are on schedule.

I think Oceania has a good eye for details. The materials used in the kitchens and bedrooms are exceptional high quality. The architecture also ensures that even condos on the ground floor have ocean view.

The back is gated and guarded. To gain access to the property you need the proper credentials. Over all the property is very clean. It should, it’s brand new. Following are several photographs of Oceania.

Rear entrance with colorful flowers

Oceania Parking
Halls and stairs in the back

Construction at Oceania
New vs. finished

New Pool Oceania
Brand new pool at Oceania

Oceania stairs
New stairs at Oceania

New vs. Finished
New vs. fnished

Oceania Hallway
Oceania hall

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6 replies on “Pictures: Tour of Oceania Condo”

I am excited to be renting an Oceania condo in February 2010. They look great.
Another question though. Do you think it is necessary to have a car in this location? Are there grocery stores and restaurants withing walking distance and is safety in the evening an issue?

Off the bat I would like to thank you for your comment. I like passionate commentators. Oceania is unique in many ways, as they are one of the first to open a condo like that at a beach, in this case Eagle Beach. The grocery stores are not in walking distance, you’ll need transportation. There is one or two restaurants in walking distance. At night there isn’t much to do in the area of Oceania. There isn’t any safety issues there either. The vibrant life outdoors is at Palm Beach. Lot’s of people walking the boardwalk. I think renting a car is a good idea, if you plan on visiting many restaurants and plan many grocery store visits. Thanks for stopping by.

Gabriel…do you think we will be blown away by the construction noise etc during our stay this July….also would you suggest renting a car and is this a safe thing to do. I’ve read that these rentals stand out and are targeted. Thanks kathy

From recent Oceania guests I’ve understood that the noise level wasn’t an issue. In terms of a rental car, I don’t think you’ll encounter issues. If you just want to be absolutely on the safe side, rent a car commonly used with most companies – a white Toyota Yaris – this way you won’t stand out. Thanks for your comment.

Hi Gabriel, I am new to this post. Is all of the Construction at Oceania done? My family and I are renting there during Christmas and New Years and I am concerned that we will be put off by the construction of Buildings as I am staying in building number 4.

From what I understand the noise should be kept to a minimum, also in the newer areas which are closer to the next construction phases. The construction is ongoing indeed. I’m not sure but perhaps the construction might be toned down during the last week of the year due to the festivities. Thanks for commenting.

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