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Playa Linda Beach Resort’s 25th Anniversary

I read in local news this week that Playa Linda Beach Resort is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Playa Linda was one of the pioneers in the timeshare industry. Additionally, the architecture was considered very different. Playa Linda is shaped like stairs, and is also known as such.

The business model Playa Linda investors was one aimed at a type of tourist who was seeking a place where they could go away every year and feel right at home. Timeshare was perfect for that.

Playa Linda Beach Resort Aruba
Playa Linda Beach Resort

In present times Playa Linda is a small high rise resort at Palm Beach, where the repeat visitors’ rate is above average. Playa Linda has also been busy remodeling and rebuilding as of late in order to maintain its quality level acceptable.

Now that the resort has had its 25th anniversary perhaps it’s time to give it some major love. Notwithstanding the important maintenance rounds it has had throughout last decade and a half, it is showing its age nonetheless.

Many resorts in the area have received upgrades of millions of dollars and now I think it’s time for Playa Linda’s owners follow suit. Especially the entrance needs some change and make it more attractive.

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