Popular Baby Beach

Today I was down at the Baby Beach again. It was relatively calm for a Sunday. Generally it is one of the busiest day of the week, specially with locals.

One thing is for sure: Baby Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Aruba. The people with me today didn’t want to get out of the water. Even when time’s up, I almost needed to drag ’em out of the sea. That’s no problem actually, that’s a complement.

Americans back in the twenties and thirties gave this particular beach the name ‘Baby Beach’ because of the shallowness of it. The beach was enclosed to prevent the currents and waves from coming in, making it the perfect location for safe swimming. They kept a small opening, this way better swimmers and snorkelers could still be able to ‘get out’ of the bay and swim around the larger fish in the water.

There are some ambitious plans to develop the area around Baby Beach and vicinity. I don’t know if I would support such plans. From what I’ve seen and read, it seems to be really big. Look for you self.

Meanwhile I found an awesome site with historic pictures and stories about our long lasting relationship with the United States. Did you know that Aruba had one of the biggest oil refineries during the WWII? Did you know that Aruba was the biggest supplier of fuel to the allied forces in the western hemisphere?

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