Pre-Summer Season, Renovations and Construction

It is almost mid-May and we can make an unofficial mini-balance as to how the flow of visitors to Aruba is currently doing. I’m going to look into the well known crystal ball, highly inaccurate but largely entertaining, and try to make sense of it all. I suspect the current situation has a lot in common with current construction efforts I see here and there.

Air carriers

The flights during the month of May are somewhat soft according to sources. For example, US Airways’ Philadelphia weekday flights have been reduced to weekends only, while JetBlue’s second daily New York flight isn’t coming weekdays. The only airline which seems to be maintaining its weekday schedule throughout this month is Aruba’s largest carrier, good ‘ol American Airlines.

Now is the perfect time to hunt for hotel deals to Aruba. I don’t think there will be good deals with the airlines however. They are cutting capacity to Aruba in order to cope with the expected down turn during the soft month of May. Without overcapacity of available seats, airlines can maintain their regular prices high and don’t offer incentives to fill the seats. Do hunt for the occasional bargain though.


Resorts on the other hand take advantage of the situation to upgrade their products. Currently there are renovations or construction ongoing at:


Construction seems to have been cranked up as well. The last few days there has been a lot more activity visible at Acqua Condominium. The sales office is getting ready to for business and there has been more movement on the construction site as well. Trucks are coming and going. Today I saw a large tent being set up, some sort of reception area perhaps? There is movement there.

Palm Beach Plaza shopping area is coming along nicely. Construction is progressing vastly.

Condo project The Cliff Condominium is being close to start building. The ground seems to be ready for the construction of the foundation.

Oasis Luxury Condominium is full ahead with the foundation.

Meanwhile, Pearl Condominium is full ahead and is in advanced stages at this point. I think this project is going to be the next to be delivered.

On the other hand The Sands condo project is still at a standstill. I suggest you keep a critical eye on this project if you are a stakeholder.

Oceania Condo’s next phases (3, 4 and 5) are under construction. The first two phases have been open for months and all sold out.

Last but not least, Morgan’s Island aqua park is moving ahead, at the same slow pace it seems.

All in all there’s activity everywhere. According to sources, the booking for the coming months are relatively steady, despite economic woes in parts of the world.

By Gabriel

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