Real Estate Opportunities at Baby Beach

Baby Beach
Baby Beach

Baby Beach is located on the most south eastern point of Aruba. It is one of Aruba’s most popular beaches. Baby Beach lies in the area that is locally called ‘Colony’ but the official name of the area is Sero Colorado.


Sero Colorado was once ‘colonized’ by Exxon’s Lago Oil Refinery, where only the refinery’s high executives used to live. There was a hospital, school and every other facility you can expect.

For the era, the architecture used for building houses was cutting edge. The rooftops, for example, were “revolutionary” shingles. The island was more used to “modern”, highly corrosive, cheap metal rooftops back then.

In the heydays of the refinery, St. Nicolas was a booming oil town, with Sero Colorado being crème de la crème in terms of being an upscale neighborhood. I remember as a little boy I had the opportunity to enter the community a few times and from what I remember we always had a great time. There was a modern community park on the central square of Sero Colorado.

With the closure of the refinery in the 80s the value of property in the whole area collapsed ferociously. In fact, Sero Colorado became a ghost town, just as St. Nicolas. It was the time that many of these houses started getting dilapidated.

Another Chance

Eventually the refinery opened back in the 90s. Coastal Corporation bought the old refinery, invested in some new equipment and restarted the operation. It was a much smaller company in comparison to the Exxon refinery. Thankfully St. Nicolas recovered somewhat from the closure. At the same time tourism started to hit a higher gear.

Despite the arrival of Coastal Corporation and tourism, Sero Colorado didn’t recover. Properties were in bad shape and virtually ruined. At best Sero Colorado was used as a transit district for commuters to Baby Beach.


The area of Sero Colorado is expected to receive a major boost. This boost might come from rumored development/commercialization of the area and/or from a new buyer of the refinery.

Another sign of recovery in Sero Colorado is the start of careful construction of new houses. Old properties are also being renewed. There is still a lot of old houses, meaning that there are opportunities in beach front real estate in the southern part of Aruba.

Sero Colorado is a sleeping beauty with a lot of potential. There are many houses built in the 50s and 60s, in old American architecture style, that for sure is going to bring back nostalgia to some people who remember that era and those houses. Houses built on the coral hilltops, with a view overlooking both Baby Beach and Rodgers Beach are jewels waiting to be brought back to the old glory.

By Gabriel

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Nice posting once again,

I have been looking at the real estate development in Aruba for over 6 years now. And the last two years there have been more and more developers that are starting to look at the option of investing in the middle and south side of the Island.

I myself have started to look at the option of buying land in and around San Nicolaas. The one thing that is holding people back in investing in San Nicolas is the Refinery. But once they start to develop the area of Baby Beach and Sero Colorado ( then I think the pricing for real estate in that area will sky rocket.

For instance, the average price for a square meter property land around Palm Beach is 100 usd and in the area of San Nicolas and Colony it is 25 usd. For the same amount you can buy a property land four times as big. Than you have enough space to plant a lot of trees so not to see the refinery. Isn’t this the reason some are thinking at this moment to build three hotels and a golf course there! The future will tell if San Nicolas area will once again rise to the place it once was!

Eric, welcome to, hope to see you often.

Anthony, indeed you are right. Property is so cheap in St. Nicolas that is makes a lot of sense exploring the option to purchase land and/or property there.

The prices you mention of US $100 per sq. meter ($9.29 per sq. feet) in the Western part of Aruba, such as Palm Beach, in comparison to the broader St. Nicolas area with US $25 per sq. meter ($2.32 per sq. feet) certainly sounds right.

Actually everything “above the bridge” is competitively priced. For the ones who don’t know, the term “above the bridge” refers to the part of the island that is east of the central bridge in Aruba, which separates the island.

As I tell many people, property is not as expensive as it might be in other countries. Take not that foreigners are allowed to own real estate as well. Many do.

Hi Gabriel,

We are looking to buy a small 1 bedroom appartment in Aruba and we wondered what area would you recommend? How does it sounds Palma Real nighbourhood? Seems that lots of people are selling over there. Is there something wrong that we don’t know?
thank you,

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