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Real Estate Opportunity in Savaneta

Savaneta in Aruba
Picturesque Savaneta, real estate gold

According to some international reports, Aruba’s has one of the most reasonable real estate price square meters in the Caribbean, second only to the Dominican Republic. Despite recent price hikes, there are still a lot of hot real estate deals to be found. The hottest areas are always beach front properties and surrounding areas. In Aruba these areas are Malmok, Bakval and Westpunt.

Aruba is a small island, consequently the amount of beachfront real estate is scarce and limited. For the smallest properties on the beaches some people are willing to fork over thousands, sometimes, millions of dollars. But you can be much smarter than that. There are still some areas near the beaches where there are a lot of real estate opportunities. Those areas in particular are Savaneta, Pos Chikito and San Nicolas.

There are several reasons why above mentioned areas are going to remain attractive for real estate investors for the foreseeable future. Aruba’s focus on tourism economy isn’t going to change any time soon, which means that the touristy western part of the island is going to maintain its focus, thus higher property prices. If you are really serious on finding a property in Aruba against sharp prices, look into above mentioned places.

By Gabriel

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2 replies on “Real Estate Opportunity in Savaneta”

Hi Gabriel,

Very nice and informative site. Great work! Just wondering about the desirability aspect of Savaneta… I have travelled to Aruba a couple of times, but never ventured in that neck of the woods. Is Savaneta as safe and quaint as other inland areas, such as, for example, Paradera? Many thanks,


I’m fond of Savaneta. It is a sleepy district with some very desirable spots. Savaneta is split in two by the main road. North of the road, Savaneta isn’t that special. Certain areas of Paradera are much better than northern Savaneta.

On the south side of the road however, you’ll find some jewels, especially real estate. There are many properties with beach front view that will sell cheaply. Another area to consider is neighboring Pos Chikito.

Thank you for visiting and the compliments.

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