Reboot – Part 1

Back in 2007 I began writing about Aruba tourism and local weather on this website and did so until 2011. It has been silent ever since…..sigh. Ten years is a long time for a website to exist, that’s for sure. Ever wonder what happened ten years ago? I did. If you are curious, check out the year 2007 according to On This Day.

The reason for keeping this website up all these years is simply because some readers appreciated the content according to their feedback.

In all fairness, I made sure to respond to most comments and emails, additionally, I made sure to update several posts in order to reflect current information.

Now I have decided to make a comeback and reboot the website. Allow me to explain.

Why the hiatus and what I have been up to

A quick recap about me: I’m Gabriel and was born and raised in Aruba. I worked in tourism for many years and then went on my own.

The reason I stopped creating content back then was simply that I couldn’t combine my then job with writing anymore, especially time wise.

After I left my tourism job, I founded my own real estate consultancy agency and have been doing that since.

Why a comeback

It was always joyful writing about Aruba tourism and also fulfilling interacting with the readers. For the most part, this website’s readers are travelers visiting Aruba for the first time or Aruba travel veterans with an interest in this island.

Another reason for the comeback also is that at this point I can combine my day-to-day real estate work with the content creation for this website. In fact, the two can complement each other, especially when I’m out and about gathering information.

Lastly, perhaps, more importantly, this website still receives about 200 viewers a day, that translates to about 6000 viewers a month who are accessing old content. For a website for this subject matter, it’s rather a significant amount and a good starting point going forward.

Continue with Part 2

In Part 2 I outline what the ideas are going forward. Read about the new content, new logo, topics, social media, and schedule.

Above picture: Bubali Bird Sanctuary, I recently visited

By Gabriel

Informing travelers about Aruba since 2007, and trying to provide value to Aruba visitors.

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As a frequent visitor to Aruba, I am so glad to learn you are rebooting your website. Yours was one of the first I read when deciding on vacationing on your island.
Glad your back,
Ohio, USA

We were there 10 years ago and look forward to seeing your reboot to see what’s new when we come down next year Thanks for keeping us informed. Marcy

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