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Renaissance Marketplace Improving

Renaissance Marketplace Upgrading
Trendy lighting at Renaissance Marketplace

Renaissance brands [owned by Marriott Corporation] in Aruba are run by local giant Meta Corp. This company has a long standing history in Aruba’s hospitality industry. It’s also big in construction and waste management among others.

Meta Corp. has been repositioning its properties down town with renovations of the Marina Hotel and Ocean Suites. Now they’ve switched their focus to retail. Renaissance Mall has been rebuild into a mall with fancy brands, while Renaissance Marketplace is expected to have a more fair price point, including culture and cafes with terraces. If you aren’t familiar with these locations, they are in the heart of Aruba’s capital Oranjestad, on the main road from the airport to the hotels.

On a related note, Taste of Belgium Restaurant continues to expand their operations and brand in Aruba. They are opening a brand new property located on a convenient corner at Renaissance Marketplace, with a very nice architecture and design. Just next door Taste of Belgium is going to operate Starbucks Coffee Shop which is expected to open later this year.

Correction: Taste of Belgium is not going to operate Starbucks Coffee Shop, they are just going to be neighbors at Renaissance Marketplace [thanks Reggie].

Taste of Belgium Eatery
Almost delivered at Renaissance Marketplace: Taste of Belgium

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