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Renovations Aruba Marriott Fast Ahead

I was very much surprised today when I saw how Marriott Resort is taking care of the scheduled renovations. It is simply amazing to see the speed they are moving forward.

They dismantled the whole parking lot in front of the lobby. First I thought they were rebuilding the lobby inside and around the outside a little but they are redoing the whole front, not only landscaping also the configuration of the parking area just across the lobby.

Perhaps they might improve the organization of the the parking area versus the main entrance. Up until now the entrance of Marriott Aruba isn’t that spectacular. The first sight when entering Marriott’s premises are parked cars. I remember walking in Miami Beach where the entrances of many resorts featured awesome landscaping and architectural beauty. Perhaps Marriott is taking care of that on this round of renovations.

I’m adding shots of the progress at Marriott in the next few days.

By Gabriel

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