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Report: Aruba Least Expensive In Caribbean

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Aruba: least expensive cost per square meter

Before you raise your eyebrows because you probably know Aruba’s never going to win an award for being the least expensive island, let me elaborate. Last week a real estate report surfaced about the average price per square meter in city centers. The list is extensive and compared many city centers all over the world.

On this site, I have suggested previously that Aruba comes in second place in terms of lowest square footage price in the Caribbean, just after the Dominican Republic. Now Global Property Guide published a report with a specific set of parameters, where Aruba was listed as least expensive in the Caribbean. There are many islands missing from the list, which probably means that those islands are too small or data is not available.

Following a list of the least expensive property market in the Caribbean & Bermuda based on a 120 square meter apartment.

  1. Aruba
  2. Kingston, Jamaica
  3. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
  4. Guadalupe
  5. Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
  6. Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands
  7. Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago
  8. Saint Kitts, Saint Kitts & Nevis
  9. Saint Lucia
  10. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  11. Martinique
  12. Nassau, Bahamas
  13. Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda
  14. San Juan, Puerto Rico
  15. Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  16. Nevis, Saint Kitts & Nevis
  17. Saint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
  18. Provinciales, Turks & Caicos
  19. British Virgin Islands
  20. Bermuda

Source: Global Property Guide

For a complete list, with price per square meter, please visit Global Property Guide.

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