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Riu Palace Aruba’s Boring Again

Riu Palace Aruba With Titles
Riu Palace Aruba needs to keep entertainment

In June of last year Riu Palace Aruba opened its doors to the public. Ever since the purchase of former Aruba Grand Resort & Casino, there we’re some polemics with the construction, construction personnel, transparency and hotel staff. By the time the resort did inaugurate and started operating pretty much all problems have been resolved. Aesthetically not everybody was happy with the outcome, but the reception was positive overall.

The first comments by visitors on Riu Palace were predominately positive. People seem to like the hotel in general. Obviously the most appealing part of this resort is the fact that it is an all-inclusive one. Almost everything is included. However, there were some observations as well. The first criticism was the lack of decent landscaping, retail and entertainment. Landscaping wouldn’t be nice as everything was freshly planted literally last minute before its inauguration.

Apparently Riu Palace paid attention to its customers as some burning issues were dealt with. As the weeks passed by the landscaping recovered and now it looks good. On the retail department it still remains poor and for the short term I don’t see a solution just yet for this issue. Local entertainment was hired and the resort started to come alive.

But now, according to sources, a head office executive arrived on the island and ordered an immediate stop to entertainment, citing “budget reasons”. I’m not sure about this move. Is it something with the area? Apparently neighboring Westin is also a bit dull. I think these places receive plenty of funds in order to afford it and guests wouldn’t mind some distraction from….. uhm, well, distraction.

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