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Riu Palace Aruba PR Campaign

Riu Palace Ad Housekeeping Week

As a follow-up to the previous post about some talk there has been about Riu’s personnel policy in recent weeks, today Riu published a colored ad in local newspapers congratulating the housekeeping staff and everybody in general to help make the stay of our visitors a good one.

“Hotel Riu Palace Aruba wants to congratulate all executive housekeepers, supervisors, room attendants, housemen, linen maids and all others who might have contributed in making the stay of our visitors to Aruba a pleasant one! Happy housekeeping week.”

Friday management of Riu Aruba released a press statement regarding some issues that have been in the local media this week and today they put above ad in the papers. Hmmm, seems like they are trying to start a positive ad blitz.

By Gabriel

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2 replies on “Riu Palace Aruba PR Campaign”

Thanks for your post Arubalisa. Yes indeed, there has been some reported issues regarding the staff at Riu. Some local politicians (opposition) and unions declared in local media that Riu employs very few locals (and/or ex-employees of Aruba Grand) and as a rule prefer to hire foreigners. Additionally some (ex-)staff have declared that the treatment by (Spanish?) management has been horrific.

The other side of the story is that Riu explains that 80% of the staff are locals and that all issues (severance pay) regarding former employees of Aruba Grand has been properly taken care of. The general manager of Riu added a few months ago that demands set by the government at the time of the purchase of Aruba Grand has been strict regarding building permits, working permits and hiring local staff.

I didn’t add this in aboves post because it’s impossible for me to verify all that has been reported in the media and that’s why I just wrote “issues”.

I will continue to follow this story though.

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