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Royal Caribbean ever present in Aruba

Jewel of the Seas
Jewel of the Seas in Aruba

Adventure of the Seas
Regular customer Adventure of the Seas in Aruba

Tuesday’s is Royal Caribbean-day in Aruba as Adventure of the Seas docks at Oranjestad port. This ship has a capacity of 3100 souls, thus people pour down the streets of town. Not to forget excursions, golf and beaches.

Royal Caribbean’s itinerary has sent two ships at once to Aruba. Slightly smaller Jewel of the Seas also honored Aruba with a visit. In fact there were 3 ships in total visiting Aruba. There was a busy atmosphere in town.

Aruba is not a frequented as much by cruise liners such as other islands like St. Thomas, St. Maarten or The Bahamas. This offers opportunities for other cruise liners to add this island to their itinerary in order to offer a less crowded stop. I’ve read an interesting piece in a Canadian publication about this same principle last month. Check it out.

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