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Señor Frog’s Opening in Palm Beach

Señor Frog’s is opening a bar & restaurant in Palm Beach in the next few months, perhaps sooner. Currently contractors are rebuilding the inside of the rental space they acquired and prepping it for business. The location chosen is at The Village Lifestyle Center.

Señor Frog’s is a popular and successful bar & restaurant with 14 properties in exotic locations, mostly in Mexico. This chain is owned my Mexican Grupo Anderson’s. In the Caribbean there are 4 Señor Frog’s: The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands and Aruba. The Aruban one is located in Oranjestad.

Señor Frogs Aruba
Señor Frog’s in Oranjestad

I’m sure The Village is happy with Señor Frog’s as a costumer. This is a big catch. The Village really needed it as it has seen the flow of customers be soft thus far. In fact the The Village is for sale I’ve read recently.

Meanwhile some hotel managers have expressed concern about the expected influx of party-goers in that area. They fear this will disrupt the otherwise quiet atmosphere. I have some news for the managers, Palm Beach hasn’t been quiet for about five years now. People know that for peace and quietness you need to be at Eagle Beach hotels.

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