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Señor Frogs Palm Beach Aruba

Señor Frogs is coming to Palm Beach, and how. I think they’ve just installed the biggest signs in Palm Beach, nobody could miss them. The Village Lifestyle Center is going to be host of Señor Frogs Palm Beach, located just in from of Radisson Resort.

Mexican chain of this “Bar – Restaurant – Clothesline” store currently has locations in many exotic destination around the world, mostly Caribbean and Pacific. In Aruba it’s located down town, Oranjestad. I’ve been asked if they are moving or just expanding. That’s a good question. The location down town is big, maybe too big. Plus, Señor Frogs might want to be closer to its client base in Palm Beach.

Another important client base are cruise ship passengers. Or better, were cruise ship passengers. Cruise ships dock in Oranjestad, just beside Señor Frogs. The problem with this is that most cruise ships depart 8 PM or earlier (as opposed to much later a few years ago), thus limiting the clients to the restaurant and retail business only. This is not so good for the – lucrative – club scene.

Señor Frogs soon
Senor Frogs front view

I’ve scanned most forums and from what I’ve read the reaction from repeat visitors/Aruba-veterans is of disdain. They frown upon the expected traffic, noise and other potential problems of “happy” (read: drunk) customers. This fear is shared by several hotel managers in Palm Beach. In all honesty this fear is not far fetched, in fact, some of it is already happening. Some people don’t hold down their liquor well.

The trend that the business want to be closer to the customers was bound to happen sooner or later. It’s happening right now. I’ve said in the past that I believe the whole strip starting from across Radisson all the way passed The Mill resort will be developed. This, too, is inevitable in the long term.

Meanwhile the construction at Señor Frogs Palm Beach continues and from what I’ve seen the interior is still a bit raw, but I see it finished soon. Give it a few weeks to its inauguration. In and on itself I like the product Señor Frogs. Who can blame me, I’m in my early 30s and like that sort of thing (not as much as a few years ago, but still). Below you can see the pictures I took today.

Update: Señor Frogs is moving to Palm Beach and shutting down Oranjestad location.

Señor Frogs soon
Senor Frogs

Señor Frogs soon
Senor Frogs with the Radisson

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