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September Renovations And Reconstructions

September is a typical month where the influx of tourist drops considerably. Past weekend, for instance, the flow of people and airlift to Aruba has been the slowest all year.

Many resorts, casinos and restaurants take advantage of this by either [partially] close for renovations or close all together to go on vacation for the month.

Resort update from north to south

Marriott is still finishing the last phase of construction of the Vacation Club [Marriott’s name for their timeshare units], Surf Club. Meanwhile the announced reconstruction and remodeling of the main resort, Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, has yet to begin.

South of Marriott’s Surf Club the terrain has been flattened and is being made ready for construction. It looks massive, no big project has been announced however. I’ll keep you posted.

Across street there is Palm Beach Plaza rising, a new shopping area. This is happening next of Paseo Herencia, a recently opened shopping area which is still under construction.

Holiday Inn is also remodeling the rooms. Progress seems to be slow however, only in front of Holiday Inn there is some activity visible. This construction suggest either an extension of the boardwalk or some kind of exit road for the parking lot.

Playa Linda has no visible or major construction on-going.

Reconstruction at Hyatt is still going as planned.

Occidental, Radisson and Riu Palace, Westin have no major construction going.

The Mill Resort is building what seems to be a fence around the property. It looks strange. The majority of the resort on Palm Beach have one.

The construction of a new timeshare tower at Divi Phoenix is progressing fast.

More towards the south by Eagle Beach there is limited construction. Amsterdam Manor Resort has some construction activity. The Aruban Resort (formerly La Cabana Villas) has announced major reconstruction plans but has yet to start. The casino on the other hand is rapidly being dissected and construction is going to start soon.

At Eagle Beach, across the street, new condos are rising.

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