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Should You Or Shouldn’t You Travel To Aruba This Winter?

Make an educated choice whether you should travel to Aruba or not.

A few months ago, after some commotion, a big local influencer reportedly suggested to her millions of followers not to visit Aruba.

I, personally, refrain from commenting on the daily fluctuations. Instead, I prefer to look at the big picture.

Anyone can follow the latest counts of cases, active cases, and deaths in Aruba. Verify this independently via a quick Google search, Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, or Aruba’s local health department daily update, which is uploaded daily in the afternoon hours, local time.

All these lists miss one important thing: context.

What happened

In July 2020 Aruba reopened its borders to start receiving tourists again. It established a policy for arriving travelers to register at ED card (this was a nightmare early on, however it improved significantly), have a valid PCR-test, and mandatory insurance among measures.

Initially, it went well, until someone slipped through and infected some locals in August. This resulted in the second wave in Aruba.

After a period of trial and error with curfews and other restrictions, Aruba crushed the second wave.

Currently, the local hospital is nearly empty with COVID-19 cases and the island as a whole has less than 100 active cases.

The most important restrictions as of writing:

  • Mandatory usage of a mask inside buildings and public transportation/taxis
  • Beaches are closed from 12:00 am to 5:00 am
  • All stores shut down at 11:00 am (not hotels)
  • Restaurants shut down at 10:00 pm
  • Maximum of 4 patrons per table
  • The physical distancing of 6 feet

Our customers

Today, worldwide COVID-19 cases are on the rise, especially in the northern hemisphere. Specifically, North America, Canada, and Europe which are the most important markets for Aruba.

Despite this officials have relaxed more measures and are allowing visitors from every US state to travel, without additional separate state-specific restrictions.

Flights from Colombia and Panama are resuming early December 2020.

Local health officials are confident how to deal with keeping COVID-19 at bay as much as possible, regardless of the situation back home. Other islands are replicating the blueprint of the so-called Aruba-method is currently replicated by other islands as a blueprint.

The Aruba-method has become a blueprint of sorts for other small island tourism economies to replicate.

The travel won’t be without some restrictions. Partying and clubbing are not possible.

Should You Or Shouldn’t You Travel To Aruba This Winter? Yes!

TUI UK has a clear and concise page about traveling to Aruba during COVID-19. In addition, First Choice UK also has a nice page with options for the ones considering traveling to Aruba.

The Coronavirus in Aruba is an ongoing event, the information is fluid. For the latest, please leave a comment below or use one of the following:

Update: added TUI UK information.

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Good job Gabriel…..information consistent on what is goin on in NewYork USA…….JUST THIS WEEK OUR MAYOR OF NEWYORK CITY RELAXING SCHOOL REQUIREMENT

Hey Vincent, thank you for sharing and updating us. New York is the single most important market for tourists traveling down to Aruba. This means we always keep an eye on what’s going on there.

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