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Small Retail Project: The Village At Palm Beach

The Village at Palm Beach

A closer look at the board

In all quietness a new shopping complex is being built at Palm Beach. Across Radisson Resort, The Village at Palm Beach is the latest project to rise in the ever changing landscape of the high rise hotel area.

From what I can make out of the project board it consists out of three main buildings, one minor, a water fountain and parking. The developers seem to have thought carefully not to make it too commercialized. They try to achieve this by keeping the project small scale with a seemingly colonial architecture, which is also present down town.

The central water fountain certainly catches the eye, consequently functioning as a center focal point of the whole complex. By the water fountain there are some benches with no shade. Not many people are going to use them throughout the day, because it’s going to be way to hot.

Are there also plans to do something other than shopping? The design certainly calls for it. Perhaps some local culture at night? One can only hope.

I’m not too fond of the over the top and big projects. I think Paseo Herencia hit the right tone, as this new one, The Village. I’m not so sure about Palm Beach Plaza. It seems rather big and bleak. It is also too early to judge it, as the project hasn’t finished yet.

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