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Southbeach Building “horeca” spaces

Major construction efforts at Southbeach Building are winding down as the project seems to be wrapping up. Recently they removed all construction fences seemingly to make room for the construction of the parking area and other facility infrastructure to commence.

In above picture the board shows the intended opening was set for September 2007. It’s now almost a year and the project still hasn’t been delivered and it still needs some work done. I’m seeing this more with the latest projects. Many of them don’t meet the intended opening date. There seems to be many glitches along the way and most of the time a major glitch is money, or a lack thereof. Southbeach is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though.

As soon as Southbeach is delivered expect more restaurants to open at Palm Beach. That is the intended client base for Southbeach as they advertise with 2100 square meters of horeca (hotel, restaurant and café) space available. It’s going to get crowded with restaurants on that corner. Just to mention a few:

  1. Daniel’s Steak & Chop [beef]
  2. Gianni’s [Italian]
  3. Aqua Grill [sea food]
  4. Amazonia [beef]
  5. Tango [beef]
  6. Salt & Pepper [all]
  7. McDonald’s [yes I know]
  8. etc. etc. etc.

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