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Starbucks Aruba

Starbucks coming soon to Aruba [Starbucks NY, image by]

I’ve read unconfirmed reports that Starbucks Coffee Company is opening a coffee shop in Aruba. The proposed location is Renaissance Marketplace – former Seaport Marketplace – in downtown Oranjestad.

Aruba is filled with international – mostly American – brand establishments in the food & beverage industry. The breakfast/coffee sector, however, is still poor in my opinion. Especially on holidays it’s very hard for tourist to get a decent coffee and breakfast.

Starbucks might improve that. Having said that, I must admit in all fairness, that there are a couple of good vendors of coffee – such as Segafredo and Salt & Pepper – in Aruba that are focused to the tourist sector, but there’s always room for improvement. Starbucks’ proposed location seems to focus on the local market. There isn’t any word about when it will open. Again, the news is still premature. To be continued.

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Thanks for the update, assuming off course you mean 11/28/2009. Indeed the place is nice. A quick view on the price list has the fanciest cup of coffee at $4 dollars. Not bad for a big one. Finally it opened. I noticed lines there at Starbucks. I smell a winner.

Well I’ve been there and I don’t know what all the fuzz is all about, it’s just a regular coffee place… there are better places for coffee here in Aruba, you just need to know where to search for them…

It is a new and shiny franchise of Starbucks, which surely is nice. Starbucks has a good name with most people in North America for coffee and that’s going to bring a lot of business for them with their location at Renaissance Marketplace, especially with Aruba’s predominant North American visitors.

Having said that indeed it’s just a coffee shop and there are other such as Segafredo Zanetti at South Beach Plaza in Palm Beach which equally nice. Thanks for your input.

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