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Status of The Aruban Resort

The Aruban Resort Renovation

The Aruban Resort has been frequently in the news lately, negatively I might add. What happened? It went bankrupt last year. In its short existence The Aruban Resort was plagued with bad news. Ever since KL Holding Company purchased this property it seemingly became worse. Moldy rooms, mismanagement, infighting amongst shareholder and unhappy timeshare owners. Before KL Holding got involved there were many court battles about this property.

Indeed, before it was acquired by KL back in 2007 it already had a funky vibe. The property was an integral part of La Cabana Resort and carried the name La Cabana Villas. The two properties shared staff, the front desk, shops, restaurants and gym which were all located in La Cabana Resort building. Villas really only had the pool bar, a gift shop and a Dunkin’ Donuts. La Cabana was like the cool guy and Villas was its dorky sidekick.

What’s going to happen going forward? After being in intensive care for a couple of months, The Aruban Resort reopened with backing from the island government. The official reason their involvement was to “save the jobs.” Timeshare owners association hired a management company to run the resort. Unfortunately this resort needs more help than that. In fact a big developer needs to take over this property and utilize its potential to the fullest. There are a lot of possibilities there and the location is attractive. KL Holding tried to renovate the rooms but ran out of money. Take a look. Oh yes, don’t forget about the name, change it. It’s so generic now.

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