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“Stop Building”

The last few years Aruba’s development has surged rapidly. This might sound well in many ears; however, over-development isn’t the way many people envision the future for this island, including myself. In order to avoid growing pains, a more structured growth would be preferable.

Earlier this week, the 2008 policy and budget for tourism were being discussed in parliament with the corresponding Minister. One thing that caught the attention of many was the declaration made by this Minister that there must come a stop to the massive building before Aruba becomes a destination for mass tourism. Whether or not Aruba is already considered to be a destination for mass tourism, I’ll leave in the middle. Fact of the matter is that this declaration by the Minister is seemingly a break with official cabinet policy.

To the best of my knowledge the person that has the final say in the matter is the Prime Minister and he strongly believes that building/construction is equal to prosperity.

I want to specifically emphasize that people are not against developments and progress in general, rather the seemingly out of control fashion these projects pop out the ground. It’s is not like all of a sudden all permits are going to be revoked or annulled, just new projects need to be put into a broader plan and the process of granting permits need to be judged on the bases of a complete master plan.

It is interesting to see how this discussion unfolds in the coming months.

By Gabriel

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