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Sun’s Shining on The Aruban Resort

Aruban Resort Titles
Recently installed Aruban Resort titles

The Aruban Resort & Casino’s renovation efforts are going according to plan. In several phases the building is being turned inside out. Rooms are getting a complete overhaul with fresh paint and new hardware. Last year I got to see the inside of a newly refurbished room and must say I was pleasantly impressed with the efforts. It received a modern look by the sleek new interior.

Recently Aruban Resort installed the titles on the wall, on the south side of the property. The logo is very big and perfectly visible from the main road nearby, especially the sun in the logo catches the eye. The one thing I miss with the renovation is the change in color of the exterior. Seemingly they are going to leave the peach color it had when they purchased the building. On a related note, the casino is also being completely renovated.

The Aruban Resort is a 362 room timeshare property that was originally built in the 90s. Up until last year it carried the name of La Cabana Villas and featured a very popular waterslide. KL Holding Company based in Las Vegas, Nevada (US) purchased the resort, casino and adjacent restaurant. KL plans to make The Aruban Resort the most luxurious timeshare resort at Eagle Beach.

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