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Sunset Residence at Eagle Beach Aruba

Sunset Residence near Eagle Beach [image by Sunset Residence]

Earlier this week I was made aware of another (thanks Anthony) development which was announced in the Eagle Beach area. I roam around Eagle Beach and Palm Beach areas frequently and am very aware of new announcements while driving. Sunset Residence escaped my attention as it isn’t located on the main roads. According to their map, it is located just off a road near the hospital.

From what I understand this development is going to be build at a decent distance from Eagle Beach and it is going to feature 18 apartments, ranging from 4 bedroom/3 bathroom 201 sq. meter (2163 sq. feet) as the biggest units and 2 bedroom/2 bathroom 113 sq. meter (1215 sq. feet) as the smallest.

It seems that the rise of developments is unstoppable in Aruba as another one is announced. This particular one however, I like a lot. I’m really into small-scale projects, as I think it brings the true feel of this island forward. Additionally user experience is higher and investment value better. Despite the lack of interior rendering on their full-Flash website, I assume it will be high end as well in order to compete with nearby Jardines del Mar and Aruba Pearl.

Like several other projects there is an “anchor” realty company behind it, which in this case is Aruba First Real Estate. The website doesn’t reveal who exactly is the developer, date of delivery or unit prices. Lastly, the naming is not so creative and a bit confusing, as there are several other projects with the word ‘sunset’ in them such as Sunset Villa, Sunset Beach Studio or Sunset Grille.

By Gabriel

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4 replies on “Sunset Residence at Eagle Beach Aruba”

Hi Gabriel here is another link to an exclusive project.

I wonder don’t the locals find al these projects overwelming. Especialy because most of the condo projects are priced I think beyond the pricing of the average men.

And is there any news on what the plans are for the downtown area!
Last but not least my compliments on the progress of your site. I hope that the developers take notice of the great work your are doing to bring most projects and the Island under the attention off the mass. Keep up the great work.

Actually Anthony I’ve seen an initiative on a forum at where some people started an online protest against the seeming out of control new developments.

As I don’t think I’m a spokesperson for anyone pro or against this subject, it a difficult task for me to judge whether or not people aren’t overwhelmed by this surge in development.

Obviously these developments that are coming aren’t destined for the locals, as the prices a much higher than a regular house. As a matter of fact, building your own house is much cheaper than purchasing a unit in one of these developments.

I think that at this point the important part is the developments need to stay in sizes that are manageable and in proportions that aren’t gigantic.

In my humble opinion there is still need for investments on this island, however putting more money in the condo/timeshare/resort department is quickly reaching a point that there seems to enough of it.

I strongly believe that this island is in need of major investment in people/education and in turn we need to raise the workers productivity. Especially the (semi)public sector is under a severe load of extreme low productivity.

Recently the island government managed to settle a deal to receive millions of dollars and plans to invest that money. At least so they say. One investment they are working on is the expansion/move of the ship main port facilities/infrastructure. I think this is a very important move in order to diversify Aruba’s mono-economy.

Despite the fact that Aruba’s tourism showed to be robust time after time, it many ways it still is vulnerable.

Sorry I replied way to long, but I needed to put certain things into perspective. Thanks again for your compliments about the projects. I must say, I’m getting a lot of help from you as well, thank you for that.

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