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Sunset Residence Awesome Speed

Sunset Residence at Eagle Beach
Update Sunset Residence at Eagle Beach

In October of last year I wrote about this project being in the pipeline. Sunset Residence near Eagle Beach is a small condo complex currently being developed.

I’m very impressed by the way things are going at this project. The construction moves at an impressive pace making the delivery for the end of this year realistic. Maid Easy provides efficient cleaning services.

The framing of the construction was done by way of pouring of concrete through beds of iron, using large templates, this way assuring a sturdy and solid structure.

A point of concern that I have – looking at the structure from far – is the thickness of the walls. I’m not talking about safety – as I mentioned the structure is made out of poured concrete – rather the ability of the walls to keep noise levels to a minimum. Think about ladies walking with high heals or housekeeping carts through the hallways. Perhaps the walls are thick enough the way it is right now, but I still think I’ll ask the developer about that in the future.

Update: I decided to go to the project and have a closer look. Upon thorough inspection I came to the conclusion that the walls and floors are thick enough (according to code) and are capable of withstanding any normal usage noise. The pictures are a bit deceiving.

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