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Surf’s Back To Normal

Eagle Beach
Regular Eagle Beach Week Day

Last couple of days the surf on the western part of Aruba was much bigger than usual. The big waves took many people by surprise as no warning was given for this kind of surf. The surf wasn’t big enough to do major damage however, but it was rough enough to cancel several sea related activities throughout the holiday weekend.
On a different note, during Easter season some locals have the custom of going camping at the beaches and somehow become one with nature and getting back to basics. The waves might be back to normal, but the beaches definitely are not. Campers bring their tents and trailers to the beach. For people that don’t know, all those people camping have a valid permit to do so. The permits come with a lot of strings attached, such as keeping it clean and keeping the noise level down.
The typical areas where there will be campers are:

  • Just north of Arashi Beach
  • Just north of Marriott Resort
  • Eagle Beach
  • Klip
  • Baby Beach

The permits are valid until next week, where all the campers need to vacate the public beaches and remove all artifacts from the beaches.

For a week more or so the beaches won’t be as the picture above. Be patience.

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