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Marriott’s Aruba Hotels Future Plans

As per a reader’s request, I’m looking today at Marriott’s Aruba hotels and resorts. I’m also sharing a few shots I took from the outside of the properties.

COVID-19 has all of Marriott’s Aruba hotels and resorts effectively closed. Due to the inbound flight restrictions, Marriott is not receiving guests. Officially Marriott is open for business, but more about that later.

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Only A Few Outdoor Activities Still Allowed

Every state or province is dealing with the details surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic the way local the situation on the ground requires it to be dealt with.

Here in Aruba, it is no different. Nearly every activity deemed non-essential was banned in April. There are a few activities that were still allowed, of course minding the distancing measures.

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Why Aruba Is Receiving Reservations Again

Most areas in the world are still under some sort of restriction due to COVID-19. This is the case in Aruba as well. Aruba’s most important client base, east coast of the US, for the most part, is under some sort of restriction. Without knowing the outcome visitors are already booking flights and hotels to Aruba.

Price Drops

There are many underlying reasons as to why this is happening. Airfare prices might be a big factor in this. There are airlines offering flights from the east coast of the US to Aruba starting at $70 one-way. For the first time ever we are seeing this.

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Aruba Airport: Flights Welcome Starting June 1st, 2020

Amid persistent rumors, the COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted. This due to the fact that active cases have dropped drastically to just over two dozen.

In lieu of the above, the CEO of Aruba airport announces that the airport is ready to receive commercial flights starting June 1st, 2020. He lays out plans to explain how the airport is going to increase movement until getting back to normal later this year.

The CEO’s declaration is welcome news, according to feedback expressed by locals and future visitors alike. The Prime Minister’s office meanwhile is pushing back on this information. According to the PM they have yet to announce their official decision.

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So, This Is Reality Now In Aruba

It has been a while since I updated this website. Currently, I have nothing but time, while I enjoy a nice cup of tea.

The current conversation is all about COVID-19 and its repercussions it is having all over the world. I’ll cover this pandemic and its impact on Aruba’s vulnerable small island mono-economy. There is an obvious show of social #coronavirus fatigue, which I’m well aware of and will take that into consideration.

It is important to share with you on what’s currently happening in Aruba. How islanders are coping and how the prolonged measures are affecting the people in Aruba.