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The Aruban Resort At Night

The Aruban Resort (Ex-La Cabana Villas)
The Aruban Resort’s new titles at night

The Aruban Resort (ex-La Cabana Villas) is in the midst of a major renovation. Above picture shows the east wing, bordering the major road to Palm Beach. The south wing is currently not in use and is being totally renovated.

The Aruban Resort property was taken over by KL Holding Company with the intention to transform this timeshare resort to one of the most luxurious ones in the Caribbean, according to KL Holding. The property includes the resort buildings, neighboring casino and another building that is going to be the next, new casino.

The Aruban needs to continue its efforts upgrading the facility in order to capture visitors it might have lost during the pre-takeover period, where no investments or upgrades where done, therefore hurting the overall product. View the interior of the new rooms.

Aruban Resort Titles
The Aruban Resort’s new titles during the day

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